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British Tommy 1914-1918 [Osprey - Warrior 016]

Автор: Oskold от 14-02-2008, 15:00
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British Tommy 1914-1918 [Osprey - Warrior 016]

Название: British Tommy 1914-1918 [Osprey - Warrior 016]
Тип: PDF
Формат: RAR
Кол-во страниц: 66
Размер: 16,86 МВ
Изображения: ч/б фото, цветные рисунки

The World War 1 was a watershed in British military and social history, and even now the repercussions can still be felt. No town or village in the British Isles escaped casualty, and the creative genius of a generation was wiped out, at an incalculable loss to society. This book looks in detail at how the British soldier lived, fought and died during the traumatic war years. Enlistment, training and all aspects of life on active service are carefully examined, including discipline, relaxation and even the type and quality of food that soldiers ate. The analysis of the British infantryman's experience is greatly aided by the memories of old soldiers, which provide an interesting and often vivid account of life on the Western Front.

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