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The Aircraft Carrier Victorious (Anatomy of the Ship)

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The Aircraft Carrier Victorious (Anatomy of the Ship)

Anatomy of the ship: Victorious
Серия: Anatomy of the ship
Автор: Ross Watton
Издательство: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 1557500266
Год: 1991
Количество страниц: 160
Размер: 70Мб
Формат: JPG
Язык: английский

The distinguished career of the carrier Victorious extended from World War II to 1967. A major refit during the 1950's, saw her emerge as the Royal Navy's most advanced carrier in the world. The author's drawings show all the changes which she underwent during her long career, while the text focuses especially on her war service which included a number of daring airstrikes, most notably against the German battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz. Later she sailed for the Far East where she was part of the British Pacific Fleet; there she withstood several kamikaze attacks. The Anatomy of the Ship Series: This highly acclaimed series aims to provide the finest documentation of individual ships and ship types ever published. What makes the series unique is a complete set of superbly executed line drawings, both the conventional type of plan as well as explanatory perspective views. This is the first attempt to document a ship - literally down to the nuts and bolts. These drawings are accurate, visually exciting and totally comprehensive, offering ship buffs, historians and modelmakers a novel insight into the technicalities of each ship type covered.

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