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DK Eyewitness Guides: World War II

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DK Eyewitness Guides: World War II

DK Eyewitness Guides: World War II
Author : Simon Adams
Published by Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd
Publication date : August 2000
ISBN : 0751328766
Формат: PDF Format
Страниц: 64 pages
Размер файла - File Size : 40.5 mb

Overview : A world divided! During the early decades of the 20th century, the world was divided into three main political and ideology camps. The first consisted of democratic nations, where people elected their own government. Such countries included Britain, France, the low countries (Netherlands and Belgium), Sweden, Czechoslovakia and the United Sates. The second – fascist Italy and Spain, Nazi Germany, nationalist Japan and the one-party states of eastern Europe – were ruled by powerful dictators. The final camp had only one member – the Soviet Union. Conflicts between the three ideologies concerning territory and economic wealth led to the World War that broke out in 1939.


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