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Lorica Segmentata. Volume I & II [Armatura Press]

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Lorica Segmentata. Volume I & II [Armatura Press]

Название: Lorica Segmentata. Volume I & II
Vol. I - A Handbook of Articulated Roman Plate Armour
Vol. II - A Catalogue of Finds

Авторы: M.C. Bishop (vol. I) & M.D. Thomas (vol. II)
Издательство: Armatura Press
Год: 2002-2003
ISBN: 0953984842 / 0953984850
Формат: PDF
Размер: 23,3 MB
Язык: English
Страниц: 124 & 156

Lorica Segmentata. Volume I & II [Armatura Press]

Lorica Segmentata. Volume I & II [Armatura Press]

1 - This monograph is the first in-depth examination of articulated Roman plate armour since H Russell Robinson published his ground-breaking reconstructions of lorica segmentata in The Armour of Imperial Rome (1975). Bishop looks at each of the principle types of articulated plate armour, using photographs and drawings of original finds alongside full-sized and specially-prepared computer-generated reconstructions. He examines the strengths and weaknesses of this form of armour, considering a wide range of technical details, as well as practical aspects relating to its reproduction.
2 - This monograph presents a detailed catalogue of all published examples of lorica segmentata, or articulated Roman plate armour, from the entire Roman empire. It includes eleven categories of fittings, and surviving examples of the iron plates are individually illustrated. This is the first time that all these fittings have been gathered under one cover, and as such it will prove an invaluable resource for re-enactors and experimental archaeologists, as well as anybody working with Roman period small finds.

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