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Rome at War AD 293–696 [Osprey Essential Histories 21]

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Rome at War AD 293–696 [Osprey Essential Histories 21]

Rome at War AD 293–696 [Essential Histories 21]
Author: Michael Whitby
Publisher:Osprey,November 2002;
ISBN: 9781841763590
96 pages
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About this book
In the early third century AD the Roman Empire was a force to be reckoned with, controlling vast territories and wielding enormous political power from Scotland to the Sahara. 400 years later this mighty Empire was falling apart in the face of successive problems that the rulers failed to deal with. In this challenging new volume Michael Whitby tackles the fundamental issues (such as the rise of Christianity) that led to the 'decline and fall' of the Roman Empire, and offers a startling reassessment of the performance of the late Roman army.
Introduction · Chronology · Background to war: Controlling the empire · Warring sides: Inside and outside the empire · Outbreak: Creating crisis · The fighting: Challenges to empire · Portraits of soldiers: Brothers in arms · The world around war: Impact of conflict · Portraits of civilians: Notable individuals · How the war ended: making new boundaries · Conclusion and consequences: Roman legacies · Further reading ·Index

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