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Hitler Democrat [The Barnes Review]

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Hitler Democrat [The Barnes Review]

Название: Hitler Democrat
Автор(ы): Gen. Leon Degrelle
Издательство: The Barnes Review
Год: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-937787-11-0
Страниц: 552
Язык: English
Формат: PDF OCR
Размер: 72 MB

What some people think they 'know' about Hitler and his era is nothing close to the truth. In Hitler Democrat the other side of the story is told, as only the great General Leon Degrelle of the Waffen-SS could tell it. This tremendous work is unlike any other book about World War II-and Adolf Hitler-available anywhere on the face of the planet today. Longtime subscribers of "The Barnes Review" are familiar with General Degrelle's remarkable story. When this vibrant Warrior for the West-a much-decorated survivor of the brutal Eastern Front-died in Spain in 1994, he was the last surviving major figure of World War II, a statesman and soldier (at one point the youngest political leader in Europe) acquainted with all of the big names of the European arena, including Churchill, Mussolini, Franco, Laval, Petain and many others, including, of course, needless to say, Adolf Hitler himself. In fact, Hitler once said that, if he were to have a son, he would want him to be like Leon Degrelle. So it's more than fitting that in his final years, the retired Belgian general was working relentlessly on the manuscripts that today make up the pages of Hitler Democrat. The original typescript of this book, written in the early 1990s, had been temporarily lost, but both Degrelle's wife, Jeanne, and publisher Willis Carto still held earlier drafts of some of Degrelle's writings. Through a laborious process of careful reconstruction, the staff of The Barnes Review were able to literally resurrect Degrelle's lost work. And today, that material appears here in "Hitler Democrat" for the first time. In the end, this volume is not only a monumental work of history, a genuine epic, but it is also, in its own fashion, a tribute to the man behind it: General Leon Degrelle.

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