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Leningrad: State of Siege [John Murray]

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Leningrad: State of Siege [John Murray]
Название: Leningrad: State of Siege
Автор: Michael Jones
Издательство: John Murray
Год издания: 2008
Формат: PDF
Язык: English
Страниц: 362
Размер: 36.71 MB

Jones has done a large amount of research to write about the suffering of Leningrad's population during World War II. Stalin after the war tried to repress the tale because of how grim the situation was in Leningrad. The book does a great job explaining how the tactics by both sides that led to siege of Leningrad. The first three chapters explain the war and then Jones starts telling the stories of those trapped in Leningrad. Responding to incomparable stress and a daily struggle to persist, the people of the city, through Jones’ exceptional narration, leave us with an inspirational tale of fortitude and an unconquerable will to not just survive, but to live and hold onto their humanity.

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